2.4ghz Yagi Antenna for Long Range FPV

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Will a 2.4ghz Yagi Antenna work on an ImmersionRC 2.4ghz diversity receiver with an ImmersionRC EzTraker and ImmersionRC 2.4ghz 700mw video transmitter?  If so what antenna would be best suited for the Transmitter and for a second on the diversity receiver?

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Yes, It should work very will with the IRC diversity tracker and 2.4ghz 700Mw. Transmitter.

Here is the yagi that I am referencing:

2.4ghz Yagi Antenna for Long Range FPV

This antenna has a pretty narrow beam width- in other words, think of it like a flashlight with it’s light all concentrated in a very small spot.  You can see very far, but not far around the small flashlight point.

The Antenna is fantastic for long range, but it must be carefully aimed at the quad.  I would recommend using it with a spotter who can aim the antenna if needed.

You could use an array of antennas such as this, or you could use it in conjunction with a pepperbox or patch antenna if you are flying long range missions in one direction away from you.

If you are flying in front and behind you, you would probably be better off with an omnidiectional antenna and the yagi.

IBCrazy Bluebeam Omni Whip 2.4ghz Antenna Set

TBS makes a Groundstation 2.4ghz receiver specifically for use with the Yagi and they are typically a very good combo when mounting to a tripod. It’s our go-to long range option.

We can special order one for you if you are interested.

Check out the long range Groundstation here:

TBS Groundstation for 2.4ghz Long Range FPV

Let me know if that helps to answer your questions!

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