250mm props question

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Do 4045mm sized quads work with the 250mm and Emax MT2204 2300kv brushless motor?

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Hi Julian. Just to be clear, the 250mm measurement is the distance from the center of your front left motor to the center of your back right motor (or front right to back left, it doesn’t matter) and this is how mini quads are categorized in terms of frame size. A 250mm mini quad is a very standard and fun to fly size quad used by many racers and enthusiasts. The 4045 measurement relates to prop size/pitch and distance traveled per rotation measurement. A 4045 prop will work just fine with 2204 2300v motors but if your quad is truly a 250mm sized frame, you may want to go with a 5 inch prop to maximize power and efficiency. A lot of factors go into prop size including the rating of your ESC’s so remember to make sure that you match the correct ones with those motors. A 12A-20A ESC should sufficiently power 4 and 5 inch props.

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