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Hi ,

I want to build a new quad that will be a 7inch frame freestyle quad . I want my quad to be as nervous as my 5inch quad by puting a 6S battery . But i don’t really know what size of motor should I take for these , what KV and also the brand .I read that a 1600kv should be fine but i need more informations about this .

Thank you for helping me out


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I’ve been thinking about this.  Why not build up a Vendetta with the 7″ TBS Vendetta arm kit?  1600KV would probably work, lower KV works better as the props get bigger. It probably won’t be as nervous as your 5″ quad because of the added mass of the battery and the motors, props etc.  Newton would have thought that it is heavier, so it will likely be slower to respond than a smaller 5″ quad.


I have some of the Vendetta arms here in Denver if you are interested.

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