a mid air fire!!!

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Hi! the provided antenna hole in my qq190 is causing all kinds of shorts and frying vtxs like crazy, and today a mid flight fire! how do i use the antenna mount without the antenna making a connection with the carbon fiber? ive tried using heatshrink but it failed after a few flights. ive tried keeping it a little loose, and that just causes vibration. hot glue works, but not really a good option

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im doing some tests with the multimeter, the mounting holes of the AIO fc, esc share continuity with with positive pads. is it possible that when the mounting screws are installed a positive current is passing through the frame. and the outside of the barrel of the antenna is ground. would switching to nylon mounting screws fix it?

I would definitely use nylon mounting screws. That is probably where your problem is located. Do you need us to send you some?

No thank you. I have some. i appreciate the quick response.

My pleasure. Let us know if that fixes it.

yeah the nylon bolts fixed the issue.thanks. i gotta post a new question now

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Sounds like you have a motor or esc shorting to the frame which is finding ground through the antenna.


Double check that your screw length is short enough to not come in contact with the motor windings, double check that you don’t have any other direct shorts to the frame either on the ESC outputs or somewhere else.

We have seen this happen before but it is usually indicative of a more serious problem or short.  You can also try to use a phenolic spacer to space the antenna from the frame, but it is arcing because of a greater issue in your build which should be taken care of before you attempt another flight.

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