arming disabled flag due to BST


When I try to arm the Copter it has a arming disabled flag 16 which is BST, please help me how to fix this error.

Sometimes the copter gets armed and immediately disarms, connecting to betaflight or cleanflight the error is BST arming diabled

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I need to know more about your setup.  I am assuming that you are referring to the QQ190RTF based on the category that you posted in.
From the, Betaflight Wiki the BST arming disabled flag means that there is a Black Sheep Telemetery (BST) device that is preventing arming because it is disarmed and preventing arming. If you indeed have a QQ190 RTF, this would mean that the Core OSD is disarmed and preventing the QQ190 from armin.
What version of Betaflight are you running? Did you do the initial setup via OSD? How are you trying to arm the QQ190? Have you updated the firmware via the TBS Agent?
These things can help us figure out what is going on.

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