arming disabled flag due to BST


When I try to arm the Copter it has a arming disabled flag 16 which is BST, please help me how to fix this error.

Sometimes the copter gets armed and immediately disarms, connecting to betaflight or cleanflight the error is BST arming diabled

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It sounds like you flashed the board with the wrong firmware .  You should be running Betaflight 3.0 or newer.   If you cannot connect the TBS Agent, you will have to try to flash via USB and the Betaflight app.
The QQ190 shouldn’t be running Cleanflight.
Here is a link to the stock files.
See this answer for more details on how to flash the board if you can’t get it done with Betaflight.

How unbrick Colibri FC in QQ190RTF Racing Drone

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