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I’m building a racing drone and puchased a battery that I believe is too big for my 5 inch drone.  Well I guess I need permission to upload am image.  Anyway the battery is a 5200mAh 50c 22.2V 115.44Wh Zeee battery.  It Looks pretty big to me.  Is it right or no.

Anthony Answered question May 15, 2022

A 5200mAh 22V battery is too big for a 5” racing drone. 1300mah is best for aggressive response, 1500mAh or 2000mAh batteries are best for longer flight times/ slower response.  Any bigger and you might have a hard time controlling the quad

Also- 22V is pretty high voltage-  it depends on your setup, but we like to run 4S (16v) 1300mah packs on our 5” setups

more information about battery chemistry can be found here:

The Difference between configuring drone batteries in series vs parallel

also, here is a post about c rating you might find useful-  the smaller the battery the more important the c rating becomes, so it might be relevant to the drone you are building:

Battery C rating explained

Anthony Answered question May 15, 2022

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