Binding a 2.4 GHz transmitter with a eachine e010



I had just bought a Eachine e010 with plans on making it a Tiny Whoop. After flying it around I found out the controller it comes with is really hard to controller the quad with. I have a blade CX2 Helicopter that comes with a 2.4 GHz transmitter (Model: LP5DSM) this also had spektrum in it. So I was wondering if there is anyway to bind the 2 together so I can use the blade CX2’s transmitter instead of buying another one.




If this cannot be done do you guys have any suggestions on a transmitter? I am trying to stay cheap as I am just getting into quad copters.

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From the quick search i did it looks like the Spektrum transmitter will not work with the e010. i found this link and from the sounds of it some of the Devo style transmitters will work. if you are looking to make a choice now that will work for future expansion into the hobby i would recommend either the FRSKY Taranis X9d or the TBS Tango. The Taranis can bind to the e010 according to this link, the downside is you need a monitor or goggles for future fpv flight but the radio has an internal 2.4ghz radio system. the tango is cool because it already has a fpv screen on the radio but the radio itself requires a 2.4ghz radio system.


TBS Tango FPV Remote Transmitter with built in FPV display

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Ok thank you so much! I will look into the taranis because I am looking at buying a pair of FPV goggles soon.

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