Binding TBS Tango to FrSky D4R-II


I bought my boys a couple of quad kits with the TBS Power Cube, TBS Tango, and other components to mount to the Sparrow frame way back in December 2016. They gave up several months later because they couldn’t get them flying. So now here I am.

I’ve read manuals, watched youtube videos, and tried everything I’ve had patience for and even I still can’t get them flying. I’m not sure if the boys erased some programming during their efforts, but here is what I have so far:

  • Updated firmware using CleanFlite.
  • Still couldn’t connect to CleanFlite, found out I had to use an older version (1.2.4), installed that and now I can connect.
  • Able to connect unit to Cleanflight and bump motors, etc.
  • Cannot make TBS Tango talk to power cube.

Instructions in the QQ190RTF manual says to put the Tango in  bind mode, but doesn’t say how to put it in bind mode.

Please help!

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What radio module are you using in the tango? The Tango is made to accept many different radio modules but it doesn’t have one built in.

I recommend the djt module if you are using a D4R-II.

FrSky DJT Module – Drop In To Make Any Radio FRsky!

Once you have the d4r to bound to the djt module you should be able to receive a 1 wire PPM signal from your d4R-ii receiver.

I would recommend running betaflight on the power Cube. Then in your settings make sure that your protocol is selected as PPM. Then you should be able to see movement on through receiver tab when you move your sticks and everything is bound and turned on.

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Thank you for the quick response. That looks like the module in the back of the radio. I am having trouble binding them.

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To bind the d4r-ii to the DJT module, first hold down the button on the DJT module, and keep holding it while you turn on the Tango.  This will put the module and Tango into bind mode.  Then, with props removed, hold down the button on the D4R-II and while holding it down, connect your battery to power up your quad.

This should bind the unit to the receiver and once you power cycle both the radio and the quad you should have a signal.

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