Boscam Thunderbolt TS-5833 2000mW 5.8 GHz 8Ch FPV TX

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How much current does this transmitter draw at 12v?

JW Answered question September 4, 2020
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Hmm.  Well a Watt is a measure of power and a Watt contains 1000 milliWatts.

So 2000mW / 1000 is 2 Watts

So the transmitter draws 2 Watts of power.

A Watt is calculated by multiplying amps times volts (if we are talking about DC)

So if you run it at 12V, you know 12V*xA=2W

2/12= .1666

So the answer is .16Amps or 166.6mA

The 2000mW video transmitter will draw 166.6 mA at 12VDC.

I hope that helps!

Anonymous Answered question September 4, 2020

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