brushless motor with low minimum speed

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Do you know a brushless motor that will run smoothly at low speed.

stan Answered question February 19, 2020
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It’s a weird application. Making sounds. Basically a disk that spins which we bounce a laser beam off, the reflected light then hitting a photovoltaic which is plugged into an audio amp and speakers. The texture of the disk effecting the light signal and thus the sound . E.g. a half mirrored spinning disk creates a square wave. Using a laser in this way we can make very beautiful sounds from naturally beautiful textures. We use all kinds of light sources and materials and even create sounds from moving the laser beam through spinning 3D sculptures. Key is control, top speed (so we can generate high pitches, and slow speed (so we can pick up fine grain detail of textures) and ideally the ability to change speed quickly to make even cooler pitch bending effects. The low speed aspect would require as slow a speed as possible.  I know some brushless *can* do slow speed but requird reprogrammed controllers to achieve this. This isn’t typically documented or easy to find for any given motor on forums etc. So presents a bit of a tricky question. I will make up a lost of motors that full your criteria and check in the forums if any of them can be reprogrammed to work even slower too.

Here is one of my pieces,

Orbits by Opto Noise on #SoundCloud:

Thanks again, been pulling my hair out over this!

Anonymous Answered question February 19, 2020
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Look for a motor with more stators and a lower KV.  What are you trying to do?

Anonymous Answered question February 18, 2020

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