Can i solder two different ESC signal wires (white) to the same signal pad?

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Hi guys,
im new in building quads and your help would be very much appreciated.
built my first quad, obviously had my first crash. One of the ESC signal wires got broken and ripped off with it the pad where it was soldered in the PDB. Now i cant solder it again in the same place. So my question is, can i solder it together with another ESC signal wire? or to the FC instead?
I use: Matek F405-STD and Matek FCHUB-6S PDB
Thanks very much
Kind regards

Andre Pascoalinho Answered question September 22, 2018
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Hi Anthony,
first of all thanks very much for your help. I had replied a while ago but didnt notice internet was down and it didnt go through.
I think i do understand now. I really appreciate your help.
Let me just ask you one more thing then.. Those non-chinese options you mentioned, do you recommend any specific one? and where is it better to buy from? I will definitely have a look and consider it for my next quad.
Many thanks

Anonymous Posted new comment October 9, 2018

Hi There,
Well, purchasing from any American company is a good start, I am partial to, obviously! I highly recommend the TBS powercube for starters, as it is hard to beat in terms of ease of use, support, and quality. Beyond that, the DTFc is a great choice if you are looking for just a flight controller. It is made in Japan by the same guy that made the original Naze32

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Hi Andre,
If you break an ESC wire or pad, You would not be able to hook up 2 escs to the same signal pad to fix the issue.  Doing so would make both of them operate at the same speed and independent motor control is the key to making a quadcopter work.
you would not be able to connect that ESC wire to a different pad unless you were to specifically program your FC to output that ESC/Motor signal to the new location.
For instance, if you don’t want to use output for motor 1 from your ESC and instead want to use an Auxiliary pin on your flight controller, you could do so by modifying the flight controller parameters with the CLI in betaflight.
One note to add, there are many non-chinese flight controller options that in our opinion work much better and are more supported than the one that you are using, so you might consider just upgrading the flight controller and purchasing it from a proper retailer to fix your issue and at the same time, help the hobby grow.
Let me know if that answers your quad question.

Anonymous Answered question September 14, 2018

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