can qq190 be flown without goggles? i am new to fpv


I have tango and crossfire micro receiver, i am purching qq190 with 1300 4s battery all i need now is backordered battery charger unless i can buy 1 aftermarket and goggles.  can i fly this drone without goggles?

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Absolutely, a QQ190 can be flown without goggles.  It is a fun drone to fly line-of-sight, however, If you have a Tango, you can enjoy flying FPV without goggles.

TBS Tango FPV Remote Transmitter with built in FPV display

You will have to train yourself to make sure to concentrate on the Tango’s FPV screen, and not look at the quad line of sight at the same time-  I will say that the Tango is more than capable for FPV but you have to focus on the screen intently.

If you want a cheap and good charger for the QQ190, check out the TBS charger-  You just plug in the balance plug and it does the rest for you:

TBS Battery Charger & balancer 50W/4A

Let me know if that helps to answer your questions!

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