Can the RunCam Sky run on 5V?

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The recommended cam for the Falcon 190 is the RunCam Sky

Looking over the power ratings on the camera it seems that

it quotes 7 to 12 volts which means the typical power out on

a VTX will not be enough. Would that be the correct assumption?

Also I see the RunCam Sky Plus which does state 5 to 17 volts but

it seems the case is a bit larger which may impair mounting it

on the Falcon?

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Yes you are correct that is why I tried to use the 3S to power the cam itself only attaching the video lead to the vtx for signal


From the Help Desk..

“Sorry I couldn’t find an area to attach a pic in the thread I have going so I have it here.

On the left is what I originally had wired up and discovered I did not have enough

volts into the cam.

On the right is how I wires the cam after the fact assuming it needed more

voltage in.

Pay no attention to my lines since they only represent how things are supplied

and not actual pins outs.

Does the cam need to share a ground coming from the VTX as well?”


Hi Clayton, here is a diagram.  Let us know if this helps.

Anonymous commented March 18, 2016

Thanks A, I will give it a shot and let you know. Just for future reference in a situation like this what do others do or use to make this more plug and play? Are there VTX’s that output 12 volts to the cam?

Ok now that I have a handle on things plus my head out of my butt I have it working. I thought about what you stated and then decided to power both the VTX and Camera from the same battery using a splitter and now I see the light. Since I was using 2 batteries it obviously created 2 ground sources so I eliminated one. I really like this camera it has a lot of useful features in it and I really like the option to turn on those guide lines and how they adjust, may help reduce crashes on my end lol. Thanks again I really appreciate it


Where are you grounding everything? Can you submit a wiring diagram?  If you power your camera via a bec, and power your immersion tx and OSD from another point in your power scheme, you will cause a ground loop which will lead to improper function of the camera/osd.  We recommend connecting all of the grounds to the same point, resulting in a common ground.

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I have sent an email to support with the diagram since I’m not sure how to attach it here. Thanks for the help. This is honestly the 1st 12 volt camera I have dealt with on my setups I typically use a 5 volt cam. I do have a Drak VTX I can test with as well since its wiring harness has an additional power out supply line for up to 14 volts.

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Hey I seem to be either a total dork or I am misunderstanding how to properly power the RunCam Sky

On the bench I attempted to power it via my Immersion race band VTX using a 3S battery to power the VTX but realized this obviously will not work since the voltage for the cam is 9 to 12 volts and the VTX only outputs 5 volts.

However attaching all 3 wires to the VTX gave me the OSD at this time but I had bold lines up top and at the bottom of the screen.

So I left the video attached to the VTX and powered the Cam via a separate 3S battery which read 11.5 volts which should be fine according to the specs using both the + and – wires.

I made sure both goggles and VTX were on same channel yet I cannot get video nor will the OSD function with 12 volts supplied.

What am I doing wrong?

If I reattached it to the VTX the OSD works but no video as mentioned.

Can someone toss me a bread crumb?

I looked over the included pamphlet which shows a VTX with power in 7 to 12 volts and the video/power out to cam as I had originally tried.

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Thank you Sir

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Hi Clayton,  Any HS1177 Camera will fit in the Falcon.  We recommend the Sky, however, if you are running a 4S battery, it is recommended to use A BEC to step down the voltage to 12v or less.  ( I personally have had success running the cameras at a higher 4S voltage, but if you want to try this you would have to do so at your own risk.)

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