Can two FPV headsets work simultaneously off the same drone?

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My son loves watching me fly, he is pretty young so getting a half-way decent racing drone for him is out of the question. For the time being I was thinking of getting another headset so he can see what I see. Is this possible, or would both screens be covered in static or something? If it is possible, would diversity on one headset mess with the other headset that doesn’t have diversity? I’ve heard people on YouTube say to make sure your channel is different then other people in the area, so it would seem like you could intentionally set it on the same channel to have 2 screens going at once but figured I’d ask around before I spent another couple hundred dollars lol. I’m still pretty new to all of this obviously so any info would help. Thanks for your time


Hi Jesse, thanks for asking!

Yes, think of the quad as a tv station, and your goggles as a TV with rabbit ears.  You are broadcasting from the quad and therefore anyone with goggles in theory, should be able to pick up your video signal.

This is how I like to watch races- I bring one monitor into the field and just tune into the pilot I want to fly with. :).

I use this monitor- it’s the best we have found for bringing along hitch hikers. ;). It has the receiver built in, picks up 40 channels, is super bright, has a built in battery and sunscreen and is made for viewing FPV.

TBS 7″ HD DIVERSITY LCD Monitor Screen

Let me know if that helps to answer your questions!

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