Can’t navigate upgraded camera OSD menu, scrolls by itself

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Not very happy with the out of the box settings on the upgraded camera, the image is very grainy, washed out, and doesn’t handle brightness changes very well.

Initially I could not see the camera OSD menu when selecting the FPV Camera OSD menu, found another question here that said to update the TBS OSD firmware from the original v1.73 so I upgraded to v2.01. Now I can get into and see the FPV Camera OSD menu.

Problem is, once in the FPV camera OSD menu it scrolls wildly through the menu all by itself and cycles each option by itself rapidly. I was able to play with roll & pitch subtrims on my TX to get it to stop, but I can’t select the “enter” option in the OSD menu to accept any changes or restore default settings. I’ve tried moving throttle, yaw, roll, and pitch… nothing works. Unfortunately because of the random scrolling/selection when I first went into the menu the camera options are all messed up now.

Any ideas what may be the issue? I’m thinking I’d just rather get an OSD board to plug into the camera and do the setup that way via the hardwired OSD programming board rather than via the TX.

Suggestions appreciated, thanks!

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Took a break and came back to it and realized what was wrong… had been messing with Betaflight settings via USB and needed to do a “read Cleanflight RC data” from the Core Pro OSD menu. Once the Core Pro relearned the proper stick centers and endpoints stored in the flight controller, the TX roll/pitch/yaw stick movements navigated the camera OSD menu properly.

Trying some settings I found referenced about 8 pages back, we’ll see how they do…

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Yes. It is very important to make sure that your radio is outputting 1000uS minimum values, 1500uS midpoint values, and 2000uS max values. After changing the values, you should perform another RC calibration.

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