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recently made my drone and had confusion to buy the batteries becz I have a 1500 mah battery and 5000mah battery so plz could u tell me which is better and may not burn my drone up.
Details of drone
2300kv motors
Mamba F405 mk2 all in one esc and fc 50a
I5inch frame

Looking forward for your answers.

LameMonster Answered question May 21, 2020
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mAh, is a measure of battery capacity. Milli Amp Hours-  how many milliamps can be discharged in one hour.  A milliamp is a thousandth of an amp-hour

The tradeoff is weight.   The higher the mAh, the heavier the battery.

Your drone could probably fly with both batteries, the 5000 mAh battery, and the 1500 mAh battery.  It would preform much better with the smaller battery, but might have longer flight times and less performance with the larger battery ( if it can lift it)

Anonymous Answered question May 21, 2020

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