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I just released a new “Edgy” Sound Pack for Open TX transmitters.

❤️️ Some neat things about my Sound Pack: ❤️️

–Drop in replacement for other English Sound Packs

–750 new audio files, more than any other sound pack

–Unlike other Sound Packs, you can browse in Windows Explorer and see the phrase said in the file, and sort by Album / Category. Yes! Godsend!

See it here:

–No more 4 different voices on your radio, finally your radio will talk to you in one voice.

–I down sampled everything to 16kbs, with no loss in sound quality, which should work on even the oldest transmitters, but I only have TX-16s so no way to test.

Anyone with older or different radios who could confirm my sound files play on it, and let me know, that would be gang bangers.

–Actively maintained (I hope!)

Short Demo Video:

Mentioned on RC Video Reviews Livecast:

Project Home Page:

Direct Download Link (for the lazy):

Download Dir:

Read Me File:

Find me on Youtube:

Rock a New Girl on your Radio 🙂

Choppergirl Asked question February 6, 2021

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