Colibri race fc No response from bootloader

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  1. trying to do initial flash and setup…

in flash section of betaflight when attempting to flash I get “no response from boot loader”. Bootloader is up to date as far as I can tell, and can only connect in cli mode as betaflight detects a non betaflight file… thoughts?

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The first thing that you have to be sure of is that you have the vcp drivers installed for the Colibri.  The Colibri and other newer flight controllers are using a virtual com port to communicate via USB as opposed to older hardware that uses a cp210x serial to USB chip to communicate via USB.


You can download load and install the VCP drivers from the betaflight setup screen

If this is a QQ190 or a TBS Vendetta then you can use the TBS agent software to update the board. For more info see

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