Configure Turnigy 9x for auto gimbal and switched 3 position gimbal

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I saw your video on programming the Naze32 to perform auto gimbal and 3 position gimbal and was wondering how you configured your Turnigy 9x to perform the functions. I’m new to FPV and am confused by what videos I’ve seen on the Internet about it. TIA.


Hi Dude,

I installed OpenTx on my Turnigy 9x. This firmware allows me to really customize the radio, and I recommend flashing your 9x with opentx to really unlock the potential of your radio.
vist the Open tx website to learn more about it.

Once opentx is installed, it is very easy to assign switches, build custom mixes, change end points, create models and so on.

The process involves taking your radio apart and soldering wires to the circuit board to flash the atmega chip in the radio using miso & mosi and an arduino or other programming board, So if this is over your head, it might be best to just go with a more capable radio that is already running Opentx such as a Taranis X9D plus

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