Connect ESC to Naze32 rev6

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Hi guys,
i’ve a “big” problem. I can’t find anywhere how to put ESC with BEC to the naze32 (rev6).
On tuttos i found that i can let the ESC 5v’s pin on each pin of the naze…. and on other tuttos i found that i have to put only one 5v from ESC and leave the three others….

Help me please.
(sorry for my English, i’m french).


Thanks for your answer.

It’s my case, i’ve the same ESC. what are your motors ?
i’ve emax 2204-2300, are the ESC enought or have i to buy more powerfull ones like 20a ou 30a ?

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It really depends on your motor and prop combination. If you run a 5″ tri-blade prop on 4S with those motors, you will most likely pull around 18-20A at max throttle, so you need to size your ESC accordingly. It’s best to check the motor manufacturer to see if they have any published motor tests. -Also, this question would be best asked as a new question on the forum. I hope that helps. Thanks.


It is related to the type of your BEC. If you have linear, you can attach them all together. If you have switch, then you should leave only one of them and disconnect the rest. You can find this info in manual.

For example I have emax’s simon-12A ESC, according to the manualĀ ( I have linear type and it works well with all 4 ESC’s 5V lines connected.

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