Coonecting QQ190 Falcon RTF to TBS Agent


Hello Anthony,

Although my QQ190 is new and I assume has the latest Colibri Race firmware I’m trying to connect it to the TBS Agent to confirm firmware and if required to update it, however for some reason my QQ190 will not connect with TBS Agent.

I’ve followed TBS’s instructions regarding having STM32 Bootloader and connecting the quad while pressing the Core’s Boot button, I’ve also tried connecting without pressing the boot button but neither seems to work?  What am I doing wrong?

The TBS Core manual says you can also update using CleanFlight but the instructions received with the quad warns you not to Flash it?

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A.  Why update?  It flies great on 3.1.5 Magnus tune. If it isn’t broken don’t fix it

B.  Try a new USB cable. This is often the culprit for lack of communication between the colibri and the computer

C. Try a different computer. Many times it’s a driver issue that is the problem.

D.  Try installing the VCP (virtual com port) driver-


let me know these work.

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