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how long will the Emax RS2205s 2600kv motors be on sale? Can i reserve a pack at this price now and pay in 4 days time?

Also, i just swapped out a set of emax rs2205s for some Xing 2208 1800kv motors. Same 5inch props, 5s battery, 230mm frame. I get that theres not going to be as much zip, but the 5150(3) props are as about as much pitch as i can find. Is this new setup really it without burning up high kv motors? Is this freestyle setups handling? Is this efficiency related? Anything… this kinda sux!

Anthony Answered question April 8, 2022

We are sold out of the Emax RS2205 2600KV motors.  If you are burining up motors, you should read our post on sizing motors and props here:

Anthony Edited answer April 8, 2022
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