Difference in JJRC H11D models and where to get accessories?

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I am shopping for a QC and I think I want the JJRC H11D – looks like a good starter model.  But I am seeing what looks like 2 completely different copters with the exact same “JJRC H11D” model – can someone explain the difference to me?  It LOOKS like the difference is the battery and longer control range vs longer flight time.  The one with the longer control range also says it is compatible with various accessories – bubble blower, etc.  Where can I find these accessories, and can someone recommend a good batterry charge / extra batteries combo pack for the 7.4v battery (I think that is the model I want)

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Can you send us some links to the products that you are looking at.  A quick google search showed us a few models for $89 for more about what we have to say about this, see this blog post:


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