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I am going crazy trying to figure this out… I have a 260 I am building and started out using a matek 5in1 PDB, with a Naze32 acro rev6, red bottom Emax 2205 with Raptor 30A ESC’s. I did everything I usually do, I calibrated the ESC’s in Cleanflight, checked the motor rotation, and of course using cleanflight I revved up the motors and everything seemed fine. I then shrink wrapped the whole thing and taped it down. put the quad together and hooked up the TX. When i tested the motors while setting up the TX in Cleanflight one of the Motors was stuttering and the meters were going crazy. Mad as hell because i didnt order an extra ESC i went ahead and put on a different ESC just to see if that was the problem and the motor was still stuttering. So thinking that maybe i just ordered some junk i went ahead and ordered some other motors 2205 and 20A Favourite ESC’s and a new PDB (just in case) and now that i started from scratch and did everything all over again, my motors are not stuttering but they fluctuating, i dont know how to explain it but when i start to throttle up they seem like they are power surging… i have done everything from flash the ESC using the BLHeli Suite, Calibrate from the TX, Calibrate from Cleanflight and BLHelli Suite, and I cant get it right!! Please help.. i have a video of what it is doing —–>

wondering if the ESC’s and motor combinations are just bad, or if all the other builds ive done i just got lucky….LOL somebody please help

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After changing the ESC’s for the fourth time, it works fine now.. Could it be possible that I bought bad ESC’s twice in a row?

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4 times? That is wild- Where did you source the first 3 sets from? Did you install grounds to the esc along with signal wires? Sometimes you can have issues if you don’t have a clean ground reference to the escs.

ok after really digging into it i found that the first set had bad soldering… (amazon) the second set only one was really bad… the third was a combo of me being impatient and frustrated I used too long of screws on two of the motors and just totally blew em… after CAREFULLY switching up to new everything… all is good… Just needed to step away and take my time…

Yeah, Sometimes after purchasing quality parts, it’s just time and patience that’s required. That’s why we here at QQ are making it a mission to only sell brand name, non-cloned parts. Not only does it help the hobby and innovation, but it also means that we fully support and stand behind our products. Let me know how we can help you in the future and thank you very much for posting here.

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