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I am far-sighted.  Every store in America sells “Reading Glasses”. I own a dominator v3 for my phantom 3.  All that I can find on the web are lens for Near-sighted folks.

I used a set of glasses that would fit in the Dominator and they work, but don’t fit well.


HI,  The Fatshark Dominators have a place to insert Diopter lenses to help correct for people with myopic (near sighted) vision.

We typically find that people who only need reading glasses typically do not need any lens correction for the goggles since the “virtual” image appears to be some distance away.

Good solutions if you require a prescription for the best FPV experience are to:

  • Use Contact lenses
  • Wear glasses and use a viewing system such as a headplay unit which will allow for comfort with glasses
  • Have custom lenses made for your Fatsharks that fit in the diopter locations.  There are a few companies that offer this service, https://customfpx.com is one that comes to mind.

Let me know if that helps to answer your questions!

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