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Hi great site.. I have a Tarot 250mm in the works. SimonK ESC’s and EMax 1806 motors with a CC3d controller. I’m in the hunt for a battery that will give me long flight times. I have read where I should expect 6 to 8 minutes in the air. Can I stretch that time with a certain battery? I know I obtained a Lipo battery for my hubsan x4 that will fly for 10 minutes Also I was curious of all the props you are selling which ones would you recommend for my setup? Thanks.. stay safe..


With that setup I would run a 1800Mah battery or 2200Mah battery (if you’re not running an hd cam like a gopro). You won’t get quite 10min with the 1800Mah but it’ll be around 7-8min. You already have low KV motors which help a lot, I would pair them with some low pitch, 6″ props. Lower pitch = more efficient. These would be my recommendation:

hqprop 6030 Carbon/nylon mini Mulitrotor quadcopter prop set of 4

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