FPV Brownout when punching throttle or performing a roll

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Hey all. I recently finished building the Joshua Bardwell Xilo fpv drone. I went on my 2nd flight today and had to buy a new camera since the one that came with the kit ended up getting a black screen. So when I flew yesterday, when punching the throttle I noticed I lost video connection momentarily and also sometimes my drone motors just shut off completely. I did another troubleshooting test today and started up my drone with no props. I gently grabbed my drone and tapped it on the desk while the motors were running and it restarted. I also rotated and flipped my drone and after quick movements it restated. Any advice on what I can try to resolve this? I’m new to this hobby and been spending time trying to learn it as much as I can. Thank you all!

Dan Answered question January 20, 2021
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Sounds like might be a short to ground somewhere.  Check the length of your motor screws, make sure they aren’t contacting the motor windings.  Sometimes LC filters can help with this.

Seems as though maybe your Vtx ground is noisy.  Can you check your ground between the Vtx and the battery and make sure that there is no resistance? If there is considerable resistance, you will want to improve your grounding.

LMK if that helps

Anonymous Answered question January 20, 2021

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