FrSky X8R flights controller – which cable? SBUS? Smart Port?

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Hi guys,

First off disclaimer – Total n00b to the hobby so bare with me.


I picked up my first racer drone, an ARF version EACHINE 250 FPV Racer, and I’m trying to get it setup. I have a Taranis X9D Plus and attempting to hook up the FrSky X8R that I purchased for it. This is where I get lost…I see on the FC that there are multiple ways to hook it up to the quad but don’t think I have the right cables for it. There’s the 6-channel ‘regular’ way it appears but I also have a SBUS option and a Smart Port option. I’m not sure which way to go and what cable to get for it?

I hear SBUS is simpler for setup but how does that compare to the Smart Port? Or should I just use 6 plugs that converts to the smaller white connector. Here’s a picture with all the wiring options it came with (it appears SBUS or Smart Port aren’t one of them).


Thanks in advance!


Run SBUS- ┬áit’s a single wire protocol that allows for up to 16 channels.

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