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Hi. I was hoping to upgrade from my Vortex250 Pro to something a little better. Being from Colorado, I landed on you guys! I am concerned with some of the older parts on the QQ190.. 20 AMP ESCS with RaceKraft 5051 and a go Pro and 75C discharge Tattu battery might burn those up. Do you make QQ190s with a bit of upgrade? How about with a taranis bound up and ready to go?

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the QQ190 RTF ESCs can handle a real world 26Amps- I think that most other ESCs are lying to you with their monstrous power handling claims.

you would probably be happy with the QQ190 on HQ 5x4x3- the RaceKrafts don’t fly as well- as the HQs and will kill your batteries.

We would be happy to help you get a Taranis all bound up- just send us a message via support@quadquestions.com to get it going.

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