How do I build an autonomous quad copter that can travel up to 90 mph and record video?

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My company has asked me to come up with specs for a quad copter that can travel up to about 90 mph and record video. It will be used to take videos of prototype cars traveling at highway speed. I have never worked with these before so I fear that I am jumping into something an area that is much more complex than it looks at first sight. Did I mention that we want to make it autonomous? If not autonomous then at least FPV so we can be sure we are capturing good footage.

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Apparently the folks at DARPA need to go watch a drone race.  We record video near 90mph.  I’m after a similar goal now, and very close to reaching it on a larger format quad.


Hi Andrew, 90mph is something that will not be possible with a quad. We recently had the privilege to be included on a Darpa (defense contract) bid through my University and the current project that they are looking for is a quad that can fly 45mph with full autonomy (visual) The project is called Fast Lightweight Autonomy. (FLA)

(The project calls for a 45mph capable autonomous drone and this is really fast)

The bid was to develop technology for the government that doesn’t exist yet, so I think that your goal for 90mph fast autonomy would be impossible.

If you want to try for high speeds to get your shots, I think that you will have to look into a wing or other form of high speed plane that can be piloted via FPV.

We would be open to working with you and your company further to help you find what you need to get the shot. Send a message using the help link at the bottom of the page if you are interested.

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