how do I connect a flysky fs-1a6 to Naze32 using Cleanflight?

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ok guys this is my first build. i can not get my fs-i6 to show up in clean flight. i have loaded the newest firmware on to the naze32. my motors wll spin up using the control in cleanflight. however i can not get my transmitter to work. the tx is connected to the rx, its showing the rx batt level. i have no idea what to do. i have tried every combo of things i can think of.

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Hi, What protocol are you using?  this can effect the cleanflight settings and they have to match.

For example, if you are using PPM, then you need to make sure that PPM is enabled in software- Can you please post a dump of your settings? go to the CLI, type “dump” without the quotes. Push enter, Paste here. 🙂


Make sure that you are using the correct protocol, and that you have it setup correctly in cleanflight, so if you have a PPM receiver, you need to make sure that you connect the PPM signal to pin one of the Naze32 flight controller and then select PPM as the type of receiver in Cleanflight.


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