How do I do a powerloop?

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I was wondering how to a powerloop?

Idk. I watched Chad little do one the other day and it was insane. It’s like if you go full throttle and pull back, there is a point where you have to pull back on the throttle and transition from backwards Flight to forewords flight. So I think there is more to it then just pulling back on the stick. Maybe @chadlittle can explain.


This explains how to do a power loop with your racing drone.


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A powerloop is really just a large looping backflip. To execute one, first start out by enabling airmode on your quad. Then point your quad forward and maintain a fast forward line. Start to pitch back while increasing throttle to gain elevation, as you pass the 90 degree mark continue holding the pitch back while reducing your throttle. We reduce throttle while inverted to prevent the motors from pulling the quad down towards the ground thus maximizing hang-time. As you continue past the 180 degree mark keep holding back on the pitch and look for the ground to appear back in your view. As soon as you begin to see the ground start to increase throttle and try to smoothly complete the powerloop without dropping out of the sky. The smoother the “catch” as you increase the power, the smoother and more in control the powerloop with be.

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