how do i get sound from the qq190 osd to my fatshark and ear piece?

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I am running the fatshark hd3 goggles with the qq190 falcon, I have enabled the audio via the osd. I cannot seem to get any audio from the quad, I will get interference across the channel but no sound from the motors.


Hi, You will not be able hearĀ audio, as there is no built in microphone on the QQ190RTF. Also- TBS gear such as the cube in the QQ190 uses smart audio for additional UART inputs, which uses the audio channel.


MoreĀ info on SmartAudio:

SmartAudio is a protocol developed by TBS for OSD to VTx communication. All newer generation OSDs at TBS, and all UNIFY PRO series VTX support SmartAudio V1.0, with the UNIFY PRO HV line we have launched SmartAudio V2.0. The new version supports control for the new features (e.g. PitMode). SmartAudio is a single-wire UART protocol, running over the Audio-wire.

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