How do I start flying quadcopters?

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I saw someone flying in the park and thought that their racing drone was the coolest thing I have ever seen!  I have to have one but I have no Idea where to start.  Please help.

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They very first thing a FPV operator should do is join the AMA and get their ham ticket.

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This is true, but the ham ticket probably isn’t needed if broadcasting at 25mw, and the AMA membership is good insurance, but also not required.


One thing you can do to start flying is to begin researching the components of quadcopters to see if it is something that peaks your interest. If you think the hobby is for you, then you can start planning your next build or order one Ready to fly from

It is a good idea to get a simulator app for your phone or a simulator program on the computer to start practicing flying before you make a huge investment.

One thing that you have to remember about flying is that you will crash. It is part of the learning curve of the hobby. It is a good idea to get a quad that can survive some crashes, such as a mini Quad.

Mini quads are small (<260mm) from back left to front right motor. They are a good first quad choice because they can take a beating, and don't have the mass of the larger quadcopters that can break simply because they are heavier.

The RTF QAV250 is ready to fly and is available on

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Can you recommend a free simulator (if there is one)?

We use Helix. There is a free simulation of a Phantom and if you like the program you can purchase it to unlock the mini quads and the Many airports including an underground garage. We have worked out a deal with the Developer for our customers, so If you want a full license for the program you can deal with QuadQuestions directly, just send us a comment via the help button at the bottom of the page.

Heli X can be downloaded here:

The program won’t allow you to customize PIDs, but it is good for learning how to get the basics down.

2 great simulators that are out now are Hotprops, and FPVFreerider

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