How do we get our Upair One to shut off

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Our Upair One is turned off using the left control stick. When the stick is held in the down position for 10 seconds, the drone is supposed to turn off. It will turn off if it’s inside the house and has not acquired satellites. However, when it’s outside, has acquired satellites and flown for a few seconds, it cannot be turned off using the controller. We have to turn it off at the quadcopter. Howe do we solve this problem?

Andy Lensink Answered question October 9, 2018
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It sounds as though the quad is going into failsafe.  I am unfamiliar with the Upair One, but if it has a DJI Flight Controller, you could try flipping the flight mode from GPS to Atti to regain control before shutting off the controller.
A DJI Powered Quad will remain in failsafe mode if failsafe is activated and the quad is in GPS flying mode.  The only way to get out of failsafe is to switch into the ATTI flying mode.

I hope that helps.

Anonymous Answered question October 9, 2018

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