How to hook up an ESC with a twisted pair signal wires

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I’m building a 250 quad that uses a NAZE32 flight controller. The ESCs that I am using have a twisted pair for the signal. Do I hook up both wires to a control output on the NAZE32? Thanks


Hi David, Thanks for posting here. It sounds as though your escs are Opto escs, which means that they don’t have a BEC or power supply built in. If this is the case, there will only be a white and black wire coming off of the ESC.

In this case, both wires need to be hooked up. Some people will Omit the ground (black) wire, but this is a bad idea because the esc needs to have a ground reference, and having a wire that goes from the ESC signal ground reference to the flight controller ground is the best way to do this.

So, Yes, you should hook up both the ground wire and signal wire from your ESC to your flight controller.

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