I need and address to send drone by mail

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I need an address and instruction on how to send my drone to you to have some work to it. I have couple of issues I need worked on and can I get a quote on how much an hour is ur hourly work done in shop as soon as get the information I will be send it off to you. Oh I also need to know how to pay…. Do I need to pay in advance or can I pay after the work is done

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Hi Kenzie, You can send the drone to our shop,

Our incoming shipment address is:

PO Box 5813

Denver, Colorado 80217


I recommend that you call our shop and talk to one of the techs about the issues that you are having.  Our phone is 720-504-7823.

This will help us better assist you, and setup your repair.  Once we have an idea of what is going on, you can mail the quad to our shop, and we will send you an invoice when the work is finished.

It is very difficult to estimate the total cost of a project without more information. However most jobs can be completed in about an hour, with a labor charge of $69.

Shop Labor Hour Rate

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