If you don’t own a qq190 then you should!

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Compliments first and a questions last.

I have a new qq190 and now that I have it setup just like I want it I can’t imagine flying anything else.

I been building and flying qav250s for a couple years and wanted to build a qav-x but I a big fan of unibody frames so I decided to try out the qq190 and the technology of the TBS power cube was alluring as well.

It absolutely rocks. I love everything about it. I’m used to 3s and today I ran a few 4s packs through it and my hands were shaking on the first few high speed passes. I had trouble with the upgraded camera at first but I think is was just radio frequency issues at my house in a dense neighborhood. Everything about the qq190 is awesome. I’ve doing RC since I was a teenager. Planes, cars, 100 mph racing boats, helicopters, etc. and now I’ve found my dream machine.

If your on the bubble then break out the plastic. I got mine in 2 days.


Since I am using the upgraded camera setup which weighs 16 grams more than the stock camera how much weight will I get back by using the nylon power cure stack nuts? I read somewhere that its 12 grams. If that is true Im in.

What is the lightest decent HD camera to stack on the top of the qq190?




Mark Prince


A micro or mini cam swift 2 in the original camera pod that is lighter and smaller than the upgrade pod should get the wieght back to stock or better

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Thanx. Ill try that and the nut kit. I was referring to a go pro type 1080 camera stacked on top of the fpv camera. I have a go pro but it is 76 grams. Stuff like mobius etc. What is the lightest one that will still fit on top of the camera pod.

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