Interested in different opinions regarding long range systems, flight cameras, and setups

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I am going to be purchasing a long range system and a flight camera for my quad and was wondering if I could get some different opinions from you guys.   You guys were very helpful on my previous order with you and I really felt like I was getting an honest opinion and not just trying to be sold something.   For that I thank you and return for more advice.

Let me give a quick explanation on what I intend on using the quad for.  I want to take it to the mountains and be able to fly no more than a mile away exploring the surroundings.   I want to be able to view it as I fly and record HD also.

Let me tell you what I am flying with now.  I have a TBS Discovery with the aerial Mob extended arms and 400 kv long range motors.   I use a stock DX8 w/8000 receiver.  The flight controller is a Naza V2.  Spinning 15″ CF props.  TBS 4500mah 6s battery.  I have video aerial systems pepperbox antenna and cloverleaf antenna.  Running a 1.2ghz video tx/rx displayed on a 24″ HD LED TV powered by a 2000mah 3s battery.  I also have a gopro 3 that I was going to use for HD recording, probably on a gimbal, which I would like advice on also.

My question is which LRS does everyone seem to like.  Right now Im looking at dragonlink v3.  Any input will help.  Next I wanted to get the best flight camera I can for my use.  It will be in bright sunlight but also could be in good shade.  Any suggestions with the camera I need would be appreciated.  Thanx


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Hi Sean, thanks for posting here, I hope you like the new look of the website.

If you want to go long range you have several options, I would recommend that because you are already flying all TBS gear, to use a TBS crossfire tx and 8ch crossfire receiver.  We have had good success with this setup and it is made for use on your quad.

I personally like the Crossfire 8 channel receiver because it has a built in battery.  The TBS team is notorious for long range flights and they thought of everything with this receiver.

Crashing in the mountains can happen, and when it does it can be a very big challenge to recover your equipment. The TBS Crossfire 8 Channel receiver has a built in battery that let’s it act as a beacon for when the worst happens, long after the main quad battery is dead.  You can also use RSSI with the crossfire system to pinpoint the direction of the quad, and if you are using the TBS GPS, then the receiver will relay the last known GPS coordinates via telemetry to the Crossfire module.

Other systems such as DTF UHF and Dragon link are also known to work well, but don’t have nearly the development and features of the Crossfire system.

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