Landing a QQ190 in air mode

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As most QQ190 owners know, they can be more difficult to land than other frame types due to a lack of wide landing gear.

Now that I’m in Air Mode, landings are even more tricky as I have to disarm upon ground contact.  I find that I usually get a bounce upon contact and frequently land gently, but upside-down.  It’s really hard to “stick” the landing.

I was wondering if maybe some tuning could be done to the PIDs that could smooth that landing bump.  More P?  Less P?

I’ve got a Naze32 rev 6 running Cleanflight.

Any suggestions?




Hey Mark,

I fly my QQ with airmode always enabled and here is my input. Landing in airmode can be tricky. I wouldn’t try to tune the quad for landing it because it won’t completely solve the problem, and if you tune the quad for landing then you’re probably going to be taking away flight performance part of the tune. The tune should be ideal for when you’re pushing it, not landing it. I find that personally if you don’t lower the quad vertically it’s a lot easier to land. airmode gets weird when the quad starts to hit its own prop wash bouncing of the ground. I usually fly in slow, but with forward momentum until I think I’m just about to touch the ground, and then disarm (it takes some practice but works for me). Or if your camera angle is too extreme to see the ground straight on you can just do spirals while loosing altitude until you get to the ground. These methods work for me, but if you try them and aren’t happy you can also program a switch to enable airmode through an AUX channel in clean flight. This way you have an arm switch and once you’re in the air you can enable airmode with the other switch/disable it when coming in for a landing.

Hopefully this helps!

Happy Flying,


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I agree with Mstatic, I come in slow along the ground and dis arm just as I touch. If I really try I can stay up right but usually don’t. It didn’t matter as far as the quad is concerned cus the props have stopped. Disarming seems to be the traditional way of landing in the community I think because of the “motor stop” function in cleanflight.

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