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Been watching videos and flying random smaller Helis and more amateur Quads like the Parrot, but have been interested for a longer time switching into FPV / Quadracing with proper quads instead.  So my question/questions are.
I was wondering what a good starting kit/quad would be, and is it worth diving right into FPV out of the box or just having the quad normally first?


/Thanks in advance


HI Kewkew,

Thank you for posting here.   I think that all too often, people try to start out as cheaply as possible, only realizing that once they get good at the hobby, they need to upgrade again rather quickly.

It is worth getting an FPV setup, and learning to fly line of sight first.  FPV and line of sight are 2 different styles entirely, and both are equally important to master.

I think that you should absolutely make sure to get a good radio such as the Taranis,


and get a nice quad to start.

You can work your way up from 3s to 4s batteries as you progress as well as getting steeper pitched props.

Personally, the Sparrow is an amazing frame, and worth checking out.


My recommendation is to start on 3S batteries, then upgrade to 4S.  Choosing a prop/motor configuration can be challenging,  2300kv 2204-2206 on 5″ props, 1960-2100kv motors for 6″ props.

Lots of guys are loving 5″, personally, I like to fly on 6″ props,  I think this really comes down to personal preference, but maybe someone else can chime in on that.

You kind of have to choose your prop size with your motor selection, if you try to run a 6 inch prop on a 5″ motor or vise/versa you can get out of the efficiency range of the prop/motor.

If you are a technophile, you might be better off building it yourself, but if the thought of soldering pins to circuit boards makes you queasy, then you should opt for a ready to fly quad.


We offer a video solution in our RTF quad configurator, so you can order them ready for video and hold off on the goggles (the most expensive component) until you are ready to get started with FPV.

FPV is really what this hobby is all about.

You will crash, and you will have to learn how to fix your quad, that is part of what makes the hobby so fun/challenging but having a quad built first is a good way to start so that you have a baseline to learn from.

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