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Hi, Need some tech help with a 3.7v 1000 mah lipo battery, can I go from a 20c to a 25c with out damaging the motors or frying components in my quad.

I’m running a 650 amh now but want to max out flying time with the lightest battery possible with out the weight so far I have found a 1600mah but it is a 25c.  or is it possible to go to even higher with out a mid air meltdown.


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Hi Tony.  The big issue that you will run into is your battery lifespan (charge cycles). If you are flying a small drone with a small battery and have a relatively low amp-draw then you will be OK running a 1000Mah battery, but again, it all comes down to your current demand.


It sounds as though this is a smaller drone, which might be OK with a 1C battery.  Here is a link to a post I wrote on C-rating and how to properly size your battery.  Let me know if that helps to answer your questions!


Battery C rating explained

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Thank you Anthony, I will apply the information given. I’m sure I will be able to turn this stock Quad I to a performance flyer now. Thanks for the reply, Tony

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