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Hi. When installing 4 motors that has a CCW NUT to hold the propeller in place. Are the 4 motors spinning CW and just the propeller direction change?  I’m use to the DJI E305 motor setup where the propeller are screwed on.   I’m trying to research before building my first racer drone. I have noticed that the 3 wires are soldered the same on each motor.

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We use motors that are all right hand thread. Nylocks seem to be just fine for keeping the props down regardless of motor rotation. There are options to get CCW threaded motor adapters, but it is our experience that these are not needed, and just add an additional expense and complication to your project.

Additionally, 3d quads (props that spin both directions) use locknuts.

In Conclusion: Just run good locknuts on CW motors and you should be fine.

m5 Flanged aluminum locknuts prop nut set of 4 for quadcopter


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