Motor quivers. Then a beep from the stack

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I have 2 qq and i love them. Having a problem on one though.

Motor quivers. Then a beep from the stack

I changed out the motor and same thing.


Hi Joe, sounds like an ESC fried.  This is a rare occurrence, as we have over-current protection built into the software, but it can still happen from time to time.

Check your motor screws, if you used aftermarket screws then it is possible that you shorted a screw to the motor winding which can cause this issue.

also, check that your bullet connectors are isolated from the frame.  If you are still having the issue, you should swap the ESC.   We have them available from the Denver warehouse.

Let me know if that helps to answer your questions!

QQ190RTF TBS 2-in-1 Replacement ESC

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