motors wont throttle down

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bound rx to taranis. flight controls are all mapped correctly. motors start on arm from taranis, when i apply throttle they speed up. when i down throttle, motors maintain fast speed. any ideas?

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Yes, without the props on, the motors will ramp up to infinity-

We recommend testing your failsafe, and if it’s working, put props on and go out and fly it.  If it does try to fly away from you, just engage your failsafe and you won’t loose your quad.

Why is it doing this?

Think about it like this: the quad tries to move itself to level, when there is no response it increases the motor speed.  When it sees that there is no reaction to the increase in speed, it increases the speed yet again.  This eventually turns into a never ending loop of higher and higher throttle speeds.  It’s much worse in angle and horizon mode and completely normal.

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Mine did the same thing. I was told that it is because of AIRmode. When you put the props on it will stop doing that.

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