My QQ190 wont start…


My QQ190 wont start… I was flying the other day at the park and after plugging in another lipo the drone wouldn’t start. I remember ya’ll telling me to get into betaflight but don’t remember the other steps. Look forward to getting back in the air! thanks and hope to hear from ya’ll soon.


The quad it self after calibration, and as well after testing the motors, still wont start, my receiver (controller) shows that its getting signal from the receiver, but i dont think the quad is actually receiving the receivers commands, the quad doesnt respond to any of the sticks commands or switches


I did the calibration by pressing the calibration button on beta flight, not by doing it with my sticks. The receiver sticks dont work on the beta flight. I’ve noticed that the cables that go from my quads receiver to the quad have been slightly damaged, could that be one of the reasons why my quad wont start?


HI, this could be happening for many different reasons.  Try calibrating the accelerometer.  (page 35 of the manual)




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