My Quadcopter has a vibration at mid throttle. How can I tune it out? Log attached.

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I have a quad that is flying really nice, but at mid throttle, it seems to have a vibration in the Pitch axis.

It is a storm racing drone.

Ive included a log of the quad doing this.  Should I turn up D?  Can a professional look at this log and make a recommendation for a change?

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The mid throttle oscillations most likely mean that your frame is generating noise. The D term increase would help a bit, but it won’t completely fix the problem and it may cause your motors to get hot and wear faster. Keep an eye on that. The first thing you can do to try to fix it is to make sure everything on your quad is well mounted and nothing has the ability to vibrate. If everything is mounted well and the problem still exists than it’s going to be that you need to soft mount the flight board instead of having it hard mounted on standoffs. This will deaden the noise the gyro in the flight controller is experiencing. You can use either soft stand offs or a good quality double sided foam/tape.

Hope this helps.

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