Nase32 Rev6 with GPS using a Taranis Plus

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I have a QAV250 running the Nase32 Rev6, OSDoge and HolyBro M8N GPS, and needing to know how to setup my Taranis remote to assign the proper switches needed.

Thanks for any help !!


Anonymous commented September 8, 2016

Did you purchase the Taranis from QuadQuestions?

No I did not.

Hey Anthony, Is this something that I could pay you to log back into my pc like we have done in the past to help me setup my Taranis and assign switches for use with the HolyBro GPS ?? Thanks man, Ken

Absolutely, just give us a call between 10am and 5pm MST any weekday to get it done. 7205047823. We will look forward to your call.

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