naz32 with Spektrum sat

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Recently received a naz32 Rev 6 from your company with soldering service. You also soldered on the connector for a spektrum sat receiver and I purchased that as well. How do I get the sat reciever to bind? So far it does nothing with everything I try!

What software are you running?

Cleanflight! Found out the V6 board can not bind a Spektrum Sat RX on it’s own. Must use a regular RX to bind. I understand the problem is with the board itself and was corrected in Version 6B.

The Naze boards that QuadQuestions sells are rev 6C. I’m glad you got to the bottom of it.


We haven’t found a good way to do this yet.


The best guaranteed way for this to work is that you need to plug the satellite rx into a spektrum receiver with a satellite port. Bind it, then unplug while it is still on, then you should be able to use the satellite receiver as a standalone.

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Just noticed that it is 6C. so then why would it not go into bind mode? The sat rx flashes once when you add power and then nothing. All the commands in Cleanflight do nothing to get it to go into bind mode. Guess I have to wait for the regular RX

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